Kasparov Chess Foundation Digital Timers

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Kasparov-chess-clock-PQ9903 Kasparov Chess Clock PQ9903Professional chess clock

  • 29 Programmable options to choose
  • Customized options to save
  • Large Screen to read
  • Easy setting, simple to use
  • Requires two R20 batteries
Kasparov-chess-clock-PQ9907 Kasparov Chess Clock PQ9907This is a basic count-down style clock that is perfect for schools and young children. It handles all basic time controls but does not handle increments or secondary time controls.
Kasparov-chess-clock-PS393 Kasparov Chess Clock PS393Latest professional clock with 7 categories and 39 kind of timing rules

  • Size:  92 X 79 X 21mm
  • Screen size:  60 X 40mm
  • 3v DC power supply (2 or 4 x AA batteries).
  • USB port
  • 39 timing rules
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